Sauti Moja

Sauti Moja, which means 'One Voice' in Swahili, is located in Nakapanya Ward in Tunduru District, southern Tanzania. It is located 92km from the nearest large town of Tunduru. Sauti Moja has a small population of just 577 people, and the village is 28,183 hectares in size.

We began working in Sauti Moja village in 2014, in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Tanzania Country Office, MJUMITA, and Tunduru District Council. Local people in Sauti Moja have decided to set aside an impressive 78% of their village land for sustainable forest management; their locally protected forest encompasses an impressive 21,966 hectares of natural miombo woodlands and coastal forests. We also certified Saiti Moja under our Forest Stewardship Council group certificate in 2015. The village has 3,518m3 of 10 species of hardwood trees which can be sustainably harvested and replaced through natural regeneration each year, worth over TZS 1.1 billion ($519,000). These species include:

  • Mninga (Pterocarpus angolensis)
  • Mwembeti (Sterculia quinquiloba)
  • Mpangapanga (Millettia stuhlmannii)
  • Mkarati (Burkea Africana)
  • Mlondondo (Xeoderis stuhlmannii)
  • Mtondoro (Julbernardia globiflora)
  • Mpingo (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • Mkongo (Afzelia quanzensis)
  • Mnidu (Cordyala africana)
  • Mgelegele