Nanjirinji B

We started working in Nanjirinji B village in 2016.

Nanjirinji B is home to 2,031 rural Tanzanians, most of who make their living as smallholder farmers. With our support, they have set aside 6,839 hectares of forests to be sustainable managed in a village forest reserve.

More about Nanjirinji B Village

Nanjirinji village is named after the Nanjirinji River which flows through the area. The village existed before the national villagisation programme called Ujamaa that the government of Tanzania undertook in 1974. Some years later Nanjirinji village was judged to be too big and divided into two villages - Nanjirinji A and Nanjirinji B - for administrative purposes. Together with Nakiu, the three villages make up Nanjirinji ward today.