Liwiti village has a Village Land Forest Reserve (VLFR) that is 6,229 hectares. MCDI began working with Liwiti village in 2006, and the village joined MCDI’s FSC group certificate scheme in November 2010.

Our Work in Liwiti

MCDI began working with Liwiti village in 2006, assisting the village undertake the many steps required for PFM – e.g. conduct a village land use plan, identify and demarcate boundaries for a Village Land Forest Reserve, establish a Village Natural Resource Committee (VNRC), and seek approval of by-laws and management plans at village, ward and district levels.  These activities took roughly four years to carry out, but in November 2010, Liwiti village joined MCDI’s FSC group certification scheme.  Since joining the scheme, Liwiti village has earned Tsh. 8,346,200 (USD $5,157) from timber sales, which have been used to construct classrooms and teacher offices at the local school.

Liwiti village has struggled with boundary conflicts with their neighbours as well as internally with corrupt officials serving on their VNRC.  However, Liwiti removed one corrupt leader from their VNRC, proactively addressing concerns from the community about transparency and accountability.

More about Liwiti Village

Liwiti has a population of approximately 420.  It has a permanent river that runs through it and has a high presence of wildlife.  Similar to most of the villages MCDI works with, agriculture is the main source of income for most community members; however, they also rely on the surrounding forests for honey, timber and firewood.