Our FSC Group Certificate

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We hold the first and so far the only FSC™ certificate for community-managed natural forest in Africa. Thirteen communities currently participate in this scheme, with 150,485 hectares of forest certified as ethically and sustainably managed.

In March 2009 we were awarded a certificate by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)™ for the community managed forests we support in South-Eastern Tanzania. The certificate awarded is a group certificate, meaning that the actual forests are managed by group members - in this case rural communities - and the certificate manager (MCDI) manages the relationship with the certificate issuer, FSC. The group certificate design is efficient, as the costs of certification are spread between all members. Furthermore new members can be added without requiring a separate inspection by FSC-accredited auditors so long as MCDI follows the rules it has agreed with FSC for adding new members. Our certificate code is SA-FM/COC-002151, which can be found on all unprocessed certified produce that have come from group certified forests. (Sawn wood products can only be labelled as FSC if the sawmill has a Chain of Custody certificate from FSC, in which case the products will be marked with the sawmill's certificate code.)

We are fully committed to upholding all FSC’s Principles and Criteria. For further information on any aspect of our group certificate scheme please contact the Group Manager on tzfmc-group-manager@mpingoconservation.org.