Cordyla africana

Family: Fabaceae (Caesalpinoideae)

The local names of this tree is mndundu and in English it is sometimes called African mango.

This tree is found in southern Tanzania along scattered along seasonal water courses in miombo woodland and in some types of coastal forest. It is native to southern Africa. It can attain a height of 35m and usually has 1-3 straight grey or brown trunks. The leaves have about 12 pairs of leaflets and are borne high up. One characteristic of this tree is the dots of oil in the leaves. The fallen leaflets on the ground are needle-like in appearance. It has prominent yellow flowers that emerge with the new leaves before the rainy season. These are followed by spherical scented fruit that resemble a mango when halved.

It produces fine, yellow-brown oily timber with an attractive grain. This timber is resistant to insect attack. The fruit are edible.