The Victory of Mavuji Jogging Club on tree restoration inspires Uchungwa Jogging Club

Mavuji jogging club chairperson (Mohamed) 2nd from left receive Khaya anthotheca trees seedling from MCDI & KDC for rehabilitating mavuji river bank

Uchungwa joggers preparing Mchakama tree nursery for raising tree seedlings

Mavuji jogging & fitness club is located at Mavuji Village in Kilwa Masoko and the JC was formed in Jan 2019 and comprised of 25 members who are young persons (12 men and 8 women). It was formed for healthy purposes to encourage people to become fitter and be more active by jogging on a regular basis by people of similar fitness levels. Another objective was for members to enjoy jogging with others for social and motivational reasons.

 Joggers find themselves engaging into different activities such as rehabilitation of Mavuji river bank through tree planting, bee keeping, planting commercial trees (Tectona grandis and Cedrela odorata), making batik, making soap bars, establishing tree nursery and motorcycle rentals. Also they participated in Nane Nane exhibition in Lindi. All of these are ways of generating income for the individuals and club members.


However, jogging partners might not always live in the same location, and it may be difficult to find a local jogger who runs at the same pace, we found them "Jogging over a Distance" allows geographically distant joggers to socialize and motivate one another by using different motivational songs, which they sing during jogging, similar to the experience of running side by side. We hope this approach encourages active and prospective joggers to jog longer and more often, while simultaneously supporting friendships.


Typically, local communities focus on planting four crops: maize, millet, rice, and sesame. Sesame is the main cash crop in the area, therefore planting teak and Cedrela odorata will offer a long-term alternative and help to generate diversified income further down the line.


Mavuji jogging club is among the sixteen jogging clubs found in Kilwa District, and the members of the club have motivational towards fitness and their approach encourages active and prospective joggers to jog longer and more often, while simultaneously supporting friendships .The success of the club attract more villagers to become members of the club and also attract other villages to form jogging clubs.


In February, 2020 with support from Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative (MCDI), Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Kilwa District Council (KDC)  and Tanzania Forest Service (TFS), Mavuji jogging club received 3,000 tree seedlings (1,400 Tectona grandis, 1,600 Cedrela odorata) which they planted in their farms. They applied an agro forestry system through mixing with sunflowers, in that way, the benefits from land use can be maximised. Besides selling teak and Cedrela odorata, Mavuji jogging club can also sell or use the agricultural products. By intercropping the other crops with teak and Cedrela odorata the trees can also help to provide shade for the agricultural crops which can lead to reduced crop mortality.