Our Aims

We were founded in the belief that mpingo and other hardwood trees offer a unique opportunity for integrated conservation and rural development across large areas of their native habitat in Tanzania and Mozambique. Our aim is to use these trees as an economic tool to advance conservation of miombo woodlands and East African coastal forests. We now support communities to market and sell more than 15 hardwood timbers in local, national and international markets. The income from timber is used by communities to facilitate rural development and livelihood improvement. This enables them to become more self-sufficient, and provides local beneficiaries with concrete incentives to protect their forests as economically valuable assets. Community Forest Conservation also contributes to government confer from taxes generated through timber trade.

Our Mission

To advance forest conservation and community development in Tanzania by facilitating sustainable and socially equitable utilisation of forest resources

Our Vision

Rural communities in Tanzania are sustainably managing their forests to support their livelihoods and economies